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Muslim Studies Program 10th Annual Conference

Muslim Studies Program 10th Annual Conference

April 13-14, 2017

303 International Center 

Michigan State University

Theme:  Islam, Muslims, and US Politics

Schedule of Events:

Wed. April 12

7pm: Performance by Amir Sulaiman (MSU Main Library, Green Room, 4th Floor)


Thu. April 13

12:45pm: Opening remarks (MSU International Center, room 303)

1pm-2:45pm: Panel 1 (MSU International Center, room 303)

Rethinking Muslim Politics

Junaid Rana (University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign), “A Possible History of the Muslim Left”

Sylvia Chan-Malik (Rutgers University), “A Third Language: Women of Color Feminism and American Islam”

Donna Auston (Rutgers University), “By Wisdom a House Is Built: Securitized Subjectivity, the Limits of Morality, and the Development of American Muslim Political Platforms”


3:30pm-5:15pm: Panel 2 (MSU International Center, room 303)

Muslims and Trump

Sally Howell (University of Michigan-Dearborn) “Getting Trumped”: Muslim Respectability Politics in Detroit’s Northern Suburbs

Mohsen Mobasher (University of Houston-Downtown) American Politics and Iranophobia: Immigration Restrictions and Political Mobilization among Iranian Immigrants in the United State since the Iranian Revolution

Nazita Lajevardi (Uppsala University; Michigan State University) Muslim American Fear, Anxiety, and Discrimination: Behavioral and Attitudinal Shifts and their Impact on Political Behavior in the Age of Trump


Fri. April 14

10:00am-11:45am: Panel 3 (MSU International Center, room 303)

Muslims and the American State

Kambiz GhaneaBassiri (Reed College) Religion and the State in Contemporary Muslim America

Mucahit Bilici (John Jay College) Muslims and the American Constitution: The Rise of the Muslim Sovereign Citizen?

Edward E. Curtis IV (Indiana University School of Liberal Arts, Indianapolis) Blood Sacrifice and the Myth of the Fallen Muslim Soldier in U.S. Presidential Elections after 9/11


1:30pm-3:15pm: Panel 4 (MSU International Center, room 303)

Violence, Islamophobia, and U.S. Politics

Salah Hassan (Michigan State University) Landscapes of Anti-Muslim Politics in the U.S.: Organizations, Experts, and Campaigns

Evelyn Alsultany (University of Michigan) How Political Liberals Adopt Conservative Tactics in Promoting Islamophobia: Real Time with Bill Maher’s Liberal Principles and Illiberal Muslims

Juliane Hammer (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) Still Center Stage: American Muslim Women in the Age of Terror

Alisa Perkins (Western Michigan University) Muslim Sexual Publics and Queer Politics in America