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Affiliated Faculty

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Farha Z Abassi Department: Osteopathic Medicine, Psychiatry
Position: Assistant Professor Health Programs
Email: abbasif(at)
Address: 965 Fee Rd Room A222, E Fee Hall
Phone: 517-353-5372

Farha Z Abassi's website

Saleem Alhabash Department: Communication Arts: APPR and TISM
Position: Assistant Professor - Fixed-Term
Email: sa(at)
Address: 404 Wilson Rd Room 313, Comm Arts
Phone: 517-432-2178

Saleem Alhabash's website

Hanan Aly Department: James Madison College and Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures
Position: Fixed-Term Assistant Professor
Email: alyhanan(at)
Address: 301 South Case Hall

Kaveh Askari Department: English
Position: Associate Professor, Film Studies
Email: askarik1(at)
Address: 619 Red Cedar Road, C709, Wells Hall
Phone: 517-884-4460

Kaveh Askari's website

Zarena D. Aslami Department: Department of English
Position: Associate Chairperson for Graduate Studies, Associate Professor for Victorian Literature and Culture
Email: aslami(at)
Address: 619 Red Cedar Rd Room C619, Wells Hall
Phone: 517-884-4425

Zarena D. Aslami's website

Mohammed Ayoob Department: James Madison College
Position: University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of International Relations
Email: ayoob(at)

Mohammed Ayoob's website

Safoi Babana-Hampton Department: French, Department of Romance and Classical Studies
Position: Associate Professor, French
Email: babanaha(at)
Address: 619 Red Cedar Rd Room B331, Wells Hall
Phone: 517-884-6311

Safoi Babana-Hampton's website

Marc Bernstein Department: Linguistics, Languages, and Cultures
Position: Emeritus Associate Professor, Hebrew and Israeli Culture
Email: msb(at)

Brahim Chakrani Department: Linguistics, Languages, and Cultures
Position: Associate Professor, Arabic Language Coordinator
Email: chakrani(at)
Address: 619 Red Cedar Rd Room B268, Wells Hall
Phone: 517-432-3570

Brahim Chakrani's website

Soma Chaudhuri Department: Department of Sociology
Position: Associate Professor
Email: chaudh30(at)
Address: 509 E Circle Dr, Room 316, Berkey Hall
Phone: 517-355-0874

Soma Chaudhuri's website